Discovering Hesari: From Bakery to Supermarket Sensation

At Hesari Supermarket, our journey is as rich and diverse as the products we offer. What began as an industrial bakery named "Hesari Bakery" in 2010 has evolved into a thriving supermarket chain, becoming a household name in New Zealand.


1. The Humble Beginning (2010): Hesari Bakery Takes Flight

In the heart of culinary craftsmanship, Hesari started its odyssey as an industrial bakery in 2010. Our ovens diligently crafted Turkish Pide Bread daily, becoming a staple for restaurants, cafes, and retail stores across New Zealand. The aroma of our freshly baked goods quickly became synonymous with quality and authenticity.


2. A Shift to Retail (2012): Welcoming the Public

In 2012, we took a giant leap, opening our first retail store. It was not just a store; it was an invitation for the public to savor the same excellence that had delighted establishments for years. Alongside our renowned bread, we embarked on a new venture—importing Middle Eastern groceries. This marked the beginning of our journey into providing not just bread but an entire culinary experience.


3. East Auckland Expansion (2019): From Store to Supermarket

The year 2019 brought a new chapter with the inception of our second branch in East Auckland. This wasn't merely an expansion; it was a transformation. Our upgraded space blossomed into a fully functional supermarket. Beyond groceries, we delved into the world of household goods, introducing a collection of exquisite rugs. Our commitment to quality and variety resonated, making us a one-stop destination for diverse needs.


4. North Auckland Triumph (2020): Strengthening Roots

In 2020, we planted our roots further with the creation of our third branch in North Auckland. This expansion wasn’t just about reaching new geographies; it was about weaving ourselves into the fabric of communities, bringing Hesari closer to more homes.


5. The Digital Frontier (2021): Hesari Goes Online

Recognizing the evolving needs of our customers, we embraced the digital era in 2021. Hesari Supermarket stepped onto the online stage, offering our curated selection of products and services to all of New Zealand. Now, the essence of Hesari could be experienced with just a click.


6. Sharing the Bounty (Ongoing): Beyond Our Shelves

Our commitment to excellence goes beyond our shelves. In an endeavor to share the richness of our imported goods, we started distributing to other retailers. It's not just about serving our customers; it's about collaborating with businesses that value quality and authenticity.


Beyond a Supermarket: A Culinary Expedition

Hesari Supermarket isn’t just a place to shop; it's a journey through flavors, traditions, and quality. From the warmth of our bakery to the vast aisles of our supermarkets, we invite you to join us in this culinary expedition, where every product tells a story, and every aisle is an adventure. Hesari Supermarket — where excellence is a tradition, and every visit is a discovery.